Kandy SC robbed of Clifford Cup? | Sunday Observer

Kandy SC robbed of Clifford Cup?

Kandy SC have been deprived of a Double after the cancellation of the inter club knock-out rugby tournament due to the coronavirus situation in the country after winning the League title last month.

The knock-outs were to be played this month following the completion of the League and Kandy SC with their formidable set of players were poised to bag the Clifford Cup which is the oldest rugby trophy on offer and awarded to the winners of the knock-out championship.

The Clifford Cup was first awarded in 1950 and Kandy SC pocketed it for the first time in 1992 and to-date have won it on 20 occasions.

Kandy SC were forced to withdraw from last year's Clifford Cup over a dispute with the venues.

In the 2019-20 season Kandy SC were in a class of their own that other clubs could not match as they were led by Nigel Ratwatte. Their winning percentage in the League has also been unmatched since they won the Crown for the first time in 1994 having been transformed from a bunch of rag-tag players to a skillful professional unit that was the envy of rival teams.

Kandy SC have now won the League title for a record 21 times.

What made them so special a team was that they never squandered possession through aimless licking which paid off and their adoring fans backed them to the hilt.