Sri Lanka sports medical expert wants athletes to continue training | Sunday Observer

Sri Lanka sports medical expert wants athletes to continue training

Athletes should maintain their training schedules on an individual basis and follow the guidelines given to them by medical experts properly, Dr. Lal Ekanayake of the Sports Medical Unit in the Sports Ministry told the Sunday Observer. 

On the topic of the current spread of the coronavirus Dr. Ekanayake urged athletes not to give up on their training schedules.

“If the athlete stops training his performance will be effected badly. This fact cannot be ignored,” stressed Dr. Ekanayake. 

Dr. Ekanayake added that the athletes must develop their own protection system as they cannot hide from the coronavirus or any other disease.

“This generally happens repeatedly and this is not the first time it has happened. This time the people have spent more time to defeat this disease. History offers many examples on how to combat these diseases. “People have gone through thousands of years with several ups and downs,” said Dr. Ekanayake. 

Meanwhile, the Sports Ministry has suspended all pool trainings at Torrington to prevent gatherings and avoid any possible spread of the disease among the athletes while directing athletes to self quarantine by staying indoors as well as doing private training. 

“You can use a gymnasium for some strength work-outs and speed training. Use glows to protect the hands and wipe with a towel to maintain a personal hygiene. Wash your hands and face with soap after the training in the gym. Be always aware of the cleanliness and never put yourself in a situation of panic,” explained Dr. Ekanayake. 

He said athletes who use a common gym should carry their own water bottles and wash their cloths well after training while keeping a safe distance from other athletes.