Trinity-Antonian put on hold in wait-and-see scenario | Sunday Observer

Trinity-Antonian put on hold in wait-and-see scenario

As local and global sports have inevitably succumbed to the deadly Covid-19, the 103rd hill country Battle of the Blues cricket big match between Trinity College and St. Anthony’s College stands at neither here nor there.

The Trinity- Anthonian, only the fourth big match encounter with over 100-years, was scheduled to be worked-off on March 13 and 14.

However, when a long list of sporting events began to fall victim including the English tour of Sri Lanka, there had been discussions to hold the big match as a closed-door game on March 17 and 18 the following week. But as the virus grew as an insurmountable force, the organisers were at the crossroads with no firm decision made. When the Sunday Observer spoke to Nalin Ratnayake, a member of the Advisory Committee of Trinity College, he could only say that all sporting activities have come to a grinding halt. 

“Nothing of that nature had been discussed,” he said.

“The country has to open up first to speak on anything. So right now, we have no clue and the way it is, I don’t think the curfew would be lifted anytime soon,” Ratnayake said.

“Everybody wants to know when the country would be given the green light to start. Until school starts, right now nothing is the priority.”

Another big match of significant interest, the Dharmaraja versus Kingswood match could also not be played.