Schools rugby to start or not? | Sunday Observer

Schools rugby to start or not?

The schools rugby season came to an abrupt halt due to the outbreak of Covid 19 around the Sri Lanka with the club Clifford Cup cancelled and the schools season suspended after two weeks.

Most school coaches believe that the present stage does not permit the restart of matches as healthcare requirements are of paramount importance over any form of sport.

One of the school coaches Sanath Martis said the health of both player and spectator has to be taken into account if and when a ruling on the recommencement of the matches is made.

Some rugby fans however said that rugby should not be the loser in this scenario and that the Schools Rugby Football Association should look into all prospects of recommencing the halted League.

Another point for debate is that the players are only human beings and they cannot be exposed to dangers of the virus as rugby is an 80 minute body contact game and it takes hours of practice to prepare for a match.

Some parents may also be wary of seeing their children exposed to any health hazards.