NWSDB needs funds to continue service | Sunday Observer

NWSDB needs funds to continue service

In a bid to continue a consistent water supply to the nation, the National Water Supply and Drainage Board (NWSDB) has requested Rs. 700 million with immediate effect from the General Treasury, the Sunday Observer learns.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the revenue generated by the NWSDB has decreased by about 75%, risking continue operations related to water supply in the next few months.

Additional General Manager (Corporate Services) of NWSDB, (Mrs) Wasantha Illangasinghe said the Board is in dire need of funds to run operations from next month.

“Throughout our history, we have not taken any monetary assistance from the General Treasury. But now we eagerly await a reply from the Treasury to receive money” she said.

Since many state-owned and private entities granted leave to its employees at the end of March, following the island-wide curfew, the NWSDB has failed to continue their meter reading process on time. “As bills are not provided, consumers are reluctant to make any payment”, Illangasinghe added.

Even though the meter reading was not conducted properly the NWSDB has issued an estimated bill for March and April taking the average of the previous months (November, December and January) into account.

“The cost of production of a cubic meter of water is about Rs. 43. But we provide it to domestic users for about Rs. 12. Therefore, we are now in big trouble finding money to conduct operations”, she said.