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Ragging: Paralysed student recovering

Pasindu Hirushan, the Sri Jayewardenapura University student who was seriously injured after a tire was thrown at him by a group of seniors is now walking with the assistance of the medical staff, according to National Hospital sources. The accident which occurred on March 6 had left the 21-year-old with serious head injuries and paralysis.

According to hospital sources, Pasindu can walk a short distance assisted by the medical staff and is making slight improvements. He is yet unable to recognise family members or friends, the source said. “He is being supported and being encouraged to walk a few steps when possible,” the sources said, adding that the doctors are also encouraging him to hold a pencil and make attempts to write. According to the sources, exercises are done to help him recognise the characters of the alphabet. 

Due to the head injury suffered by Pasindu, a blood clot had formed in his brain, damaging the nerves leaving the right side of his body paralysed. But according to the sources, he can now lift his left and right legs, a feat which was impossible after the incident. He is still only being fed fluids intravenously as he continues to receive treatment in the ICU of the National Hospital.  

Pasindu was brought to the hospital on March 6 after a group of seniors had rolled a tire in his direction from the top of a staircase during an unauthorised party at Sri Jayewardenapura University. The students involved were arrested by the police and were released on bail on March 30.