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Sumitra Peiris awarded ‘The Order of the Rising Sun’

Award winning filmmaker Sumitra Peiris has been awarded ‘The Order of the Rising Sun’ by the Government of Japan recently. This year Sumitra celebrates the 60th year of her involvement in the film industry and her vibrant cinematic life that began with her career as Assistant Director in the film Sandeshaya by Dr. Lester James Peiris in 1960. She was honoured with the award, ‘The Order of the Rising Sun’ for her efforts in promoting cultural ties between Sri Lanka and Japan. The award, which began in 1875, is the highest award given to a foreigner in the name of the Emperor of Japan. This is the first time a Sri Lankan has received this award. Sumitra Peiris, a pioneer female film director in the country, directed a series of films such as, Ganga Addara, Yahalu Yeheli, ahanu Lamai, Saagara Jalaya, Maya, Duwata Mawaka Misa and Sakman Maluwa. She is the first female film editor in Sri Lanka and has received many awards at the Sarasavi Film Awards for her remarkable contribution to the Sri Lankan cinema.


Dumping Ground - Solo Art exhibition

Date/ Time : May 22 - 24 / 6pm

Venue: Gallery Four Life

A unique solo Art Exhibition by Vasika Udurawane, an artist and poet who explores aesthetic fantasies through his creativity curated by Gallery Four Life. Showcase and sale of paintings open to the public according to recommended public health conditions @ 26, Boteju Road, Colombo 5.


WNPS Monthly Lecture: Online

Unwinding the secrets of elusive Indian Pangolin By Dr Priyan Perera

Date/Time:May 21, / 6 pm live online on Zoom and FB Live

Register online, Free.

The WNPS Monthly lecture will move to the online platforms until the social distancing rules are removed and public gatherings are allowed by the authorities. The society will commence the online lecture series from its May Lecture.

The May will be on “Unwinding the secrets of elusive Indian Pangolin.” Pangolin populations are considered to be declining across its range. Key threats include hunting and poaching for its meat and scales, illegal international trade, habitat loss, and fragmentation. Pangolins are considered to be the most trafficked wild animals in the world as their scales, meat and other derivatives have a high demand in East Asian markets. This narrative talk discusses the current knowledge on the Indian pangolin with special reference to Sri Lanka and identifies key research priorities for better conservation planning of the species.