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Sri Lanka Victory Day vetoed and Geopolitical relevance of 1815 to 2015

The War on Terror divided people into those with us or against us. The war effort in Sri Lanka divided people as those against terror and those indirectly/directly supporting terror. The post-war scenario finds the same sets of people who supported terror now camouflaged as conflict-resolutionists encouraging a bogus reconciliation. That a Victory Day celebrated since 2009 has been given step motherly treatment and diluted to even the name being changed amply showcases on whose side their allegiance lies. It enables the voter to balance whether they wish to side with those attempting to separate the nation and hand it over to foreign hands or those fighting to preserve the sovereignty and integrity of the nation.

Sri Lanka historically was victim to futile attempts to invade the nation. Eventually it took local traitors to virtually hand over the nation on a platter to the British in 1815. This single betrayal removed the identity of the Sinhala nation and Buddhism as State religion. These are facts that history cannot deny or oppose when reversal of historical injustices are demanded.

It is no exaggeration to say that the Christian inquisition is by far over and with the present manner that Islam/Muslims are being used to again showcase Western might we can safely deduce who the world’s enemies are and it is a pity that the converted foot soldiers of Asia and Africa prefer to be blind loyalists when the Christians of the West are giving up their faiths realizing the hypocrisies that have fooled them.

That the Don Juans, the Ehelepolas have been reborn in the form of the current sets of players who meticulously led the CHANGE propaganda to oust a leader hated for reasons that are not publicly portrayed shows us the behind the scene planning that has gone on for years.

It also highlights that despite banning the LTTE, the powerful nations of the world used LTTE tacitly and strategically to exert pressure on the Sri Lankan Government while also using the LTTE to graft out larger and bigger plans. This should make us now realise why despite the ban, the LTTE fronts were allowed to continue their propaganda with random arrests made simply to whitewash their complicity.

The hypocrisy of the puppet UN owned by the invisible international banking elite under whose control all of the international systems function (media, international trade, international banking systems, think tanks, cults, foundations, even Abrahamic religions) shapes the manner that having used India to start a covert militant terrorist movement in Sri Lanka that lasted 30 years their next plan was to eliminate the terrorism for they had by that time developed a better mechanism to control Sri Lanka’s geopolitical position which complimented the West’s pivot to Asia theme.

With over 3,000 NGOs/INGOs operating in Sri Lanka during the conflict it would be no exaggeration to say that these foreign-government funded entities were paid to do multiple tasks:- covertly assisting LTTE, carrying messages/advice from foreign governments, using their NGO status on the pretext of research, to gather information on all aspects of the Sri Lankan polity to be analysed by teams abroad, converting Buddhists and Hindus, studying the soil, the water, the minerals, the resources, tabulating information on the businesses, the products/services all in a larger plan.

This plan was to eat into and draw the locals onto the foreign fold best seen in the manner the local media functions and the recent news that the Lawyers of Sri Lanka are virtually in the pocket of USAID “SL Bar planning to put the organisation under the control of the USAID’ and fits well with the USAID funding of the Bar for law and order and the giveaway behaviour of the former President who is silent now that he has landed himself with a plum State job.

It should also make us understand that the legislative changes taking place currently (19a/20a etc) must have all been drafted by foreign minds rather than those now installed under dubious and immoral means. This fits in well with the manner the PM wishes to eternally run to the West for guidance on reading the local laws and their judgements!

The Resolutions that came one after the other when attempts to save the LTTE failed, shows that the West had their alternate plans ready. Rajapaksa’s fault was to not realise that the corruption and wrongdoings happening around him were not ignored but were tabulated to be used against him when the time was right. The enemies he trusted as friends eventually betrayed him.

The same can be said about the War Crimes allegations, despite the growing evidence of LTTE crimes those that partnered LTTE’s terror have sheepishly covered their tracks by a well devised propaganda machinery which has Rajapaksa and the Patriotic elements against the foreign media, segments of local media, human rights groups and their local stooges, human rights organisations and their local counterparts, UN and officials, foreign envoys, writers, panellists etc all tasked to counter the Truth with Lies following the Goebbels theory. The continuous war crimes allegations are meant to keep the former leaders in check and out of politics using the full might of a very biased and cruel UN justice system.

The CHANGE that was brought in has led to multiple calamities across the nation with no one knowing who is leading the nation. The assurances for war crimes investigations come from those that never played a role to end terror, in face a large number now in government were funded by the very entities supporting terror.

Strategically important areas have fallen into the hands of foreign living LTTE diaspora, war widows who are the wives of the soldiers are deemed to be wives of LTTE combatants questioning why Sri Lankan tax payers should pay to maintain terrorists and their families! The calls for Eelam and the rape of the Wilpattu forests appear to prepare for the next theatre of war using Jihadists a perfect reason for the US to descend and secure Trincomalee harbour.

The Indians are roped in just to pass time and meet the historical complexes India suffers in wanting to suppress Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has become a battering ram for all the geopolitical players attempting to use Sri Lanka as base for bigger games.

Eelam has nothing to do with Sri Lankan Tamils, their grievances or war crimes – this is just a pet project that endeavours to strategically take hold of the country and place the governance under control of local puppets who are now being helped to fine tune governance and legislature to make it impossible for the locals to object.

FCID resembles the Nazi Gestapo and soon the bizarre laws curtailing the freedoms of innocent Americans are likely to be introduced as well. It is astonishing that our own people do not seem to for a minute wonder that their newfound friend US-West may do to Sri Lanka what they have done to all the nations used and then abandoned! A surprising number of locals seem to be of the view that the West will not do to Sri Lanka what they have done to Kosovo, Egypt, Libya, Haiti etc.

In realising the dynamics of what has taken place and identifying the players involved it is essential that we decolonize our minds in order to be inspired to save the nation.

A writer has expressed the need to make our people knowledgeable in the pirivena education system, to appreciate and incorporate our systems that came far before the Western education systems took over – ‘Warikarmantha (irrigation and tank management), Govithena (cultivation) Wedakama (Sinhala Medicine), Nakshshthrya (Astrology), Weladama (Commerce) most importantly, the Dhamma (the true behaviour of the nature and the environment) combining this with English education as link language and with Sinhala as the ONLY national language (two languages do not reconcile, every citizen must speak only one common language and that language should be that which is spoken by over 75% of the people), Sri Lanka can well be on track to development. For all this we need leaders who are ready to develop the nation without fleecing the nation and selling the nation to foreigners.

With proper policies in place, people able to put nation first will know how to argue Sri Lanka’s case before any international tribunal and leaders must not play politics with issues but clearly highlight why certain decisions cannot be taken in the interest of national security/the nation at large. Once the public are involved in the decision making and kept abreast of happenings it is not difficult to lead a nation.

However, we are now faced with a crisis situation and the question that we are all asking ourselves – how the hell do we come out of this when the enemies are now in power!

Sri Lanka enjoys an exclusive position – the only nation to have ended Terrorism.

Victory Day cannot be opposed for the victims of Terror were Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and even foreigners.

No nation commemorates dead terrorists so why should Sri Lanka?

(This article was written by Shenali D Waduge in 2015 on the first eve when the UNP-SLFP Yahapalana Government stopped celebrating Victory Day)