President seeks removal of bureaucratic red tape | Sunday Observer

President seeks removal of bureaucratic red tape

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa said laws should not obstruct the policies to achieve economic objectives of the people, emphasising the need to get rid of bureaucratic red tape when attending to people’s needs.

In a meeting with officials and at ministry secretaries related to the Plantation Industry, the President said, “I am not saying the wrong things. I am not asking you to violate the law. I am simply asking you to do what is good for the country. I intend to achieve the same.”

The President added he would clearly communicate his vision to the senior state officials and expect them to work accordingly and those who cannot should leave without blocking the country’s progress.

The President said that a decision was taken to stop Ethanol import which continues to be a burden on the economy and added that this decision will not be withdrawn due to influence from various players.

It was revealed during the meeting that state institutions had to resort to legal action as the affiliated institutions had not discussed their issues with each other. The Land Reforms Commission has filed over 800 cases and 300 out of them were against the Plantation Corporation.

Minister Ramesh Pathirana and Secretary to the President P.B Jayasundera were also present.