Sri Lanka tennis set to start next week? | Sunday Observer

Sri Lanka tennis set to start next week?

17 May, 2020

Tennis in Sri Lanka could recommence as early as next week if not next month in a bid to complete the postponed matches, the sport’s head told the Sunday Observer.

Suresh Subramanium, the president of the Sri Lanka Tennis Association (SLTA) who is also the chief of the National Olympic Committee said that for a start the matches will be played devoid of spectators.

“In tennis their is enough social distancing between players on both sides, so we will be able to easily follow the guidelines and medical advise. It is only the spectators who will have to bear with us until everything gets back to normal,” said Subramanium.

He said most of the spectators at tennis matches are made up of parents and well-wishers of individual players.

‘It is only at this early stage that we have to prohibit spectators and we have to move forward. I think every player and their parents will understand this,” said Subramanium.

He said the present situation over the absence of spectators at matches is also making the SLTA look at marketing the matches on television.