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Health is wealth

Health is wealth of a person: physically, mentally, socially and emotionally free from diseases.

According to the Gestald Theory, balanced personality is the greatest result of health. They say cleanliness is next to godliness.

Being healthy is the most important factor of life. Health education is important as it improves the health standards of the country. It helps prevent diseases and make people aware of their health conditions. It not only focuses on physical health but also mental health and others.

We can improve health education by making the people more aware. One can organise programs, camps, plays, folk shows and more plus teach it properly at schools too.

Health education is essential to improve the condition of the overall health of different communities and people. It will help improve the health of the whole nation. You can also say that the economy of a country is directly proportional to health education. In other words, it means that the higher the life expectancy the better will be the standards of living.

Health education is provided to people by professionals known as health educators. They are qualified and certified enough to talk about these issues. They have undergone training related to health and hygiene for educating people.

Health education helps improve the health conditions of the people. It does so by teaching them how to maintain healthy and prevent diseases. It also makes them responsible as a community.

Developing nations are in dire need of health education. It not only conveys basic knowledge of health but also shapes people’s habits and ways of living. It not only focuses on physical health but also addresses other issues, such as mental illnesses and sexual well-being.

When being ego centric and selfish, people become unhealthy. At the present, our health is dangerously at risk.

However, we still have a progressive health system in the country. The Government takes pains to empower health education to the maximum. Yet there are different individuals who do not abide by the rules of the Government in maintaining healthy conditions in their day-to-day interactions. 

This is the first time “wishing for longevity”- the ‘Ayobowan’ gesture became world famous in greeting on the contrary to each individual routine and custom. Even the world leaders followed the same gesture. Its meaning itself gives the positivity towards our wellbeing; to live long, longevity of life. Even though it’s taken as a way of not getting closer in greeting, the gesture has done a tremendous favour to nations.

Personal hygiene is later maintained due to the prior achieved health habits from schools as well as the family.

We must target schools and inculcate healthy habits in children from an early age. This way, students can spread this knowledge to their homes and among their friends. Therefore, we must enhance the state of health education in the world to help people become healthier and maintain their vitality and dynamism.