Islandwide police curfew on May 24 and 25 | Sunday Observer

Islandwide police curfew on May 24 and 25

Police curfew will be in effect islandwide on Sunday (24) and Monday (25) according to the latest update issued by the President’s Media on Friday.

The curfew currently in force in the two districts of Colombo and Gampaha will continue until further notice, the release stated.

In all other districts, except Colombo and Gampaha, curfew will come into force at 8 pm on Saturday May 23, and will be relaxed at on Tuesday, May 26. Thereafter curfew in these districts will be effective from 8pm. to 5am daily, until further notice.

The program commenced to resume public life in the Colombo and Gampaha districts while curfew is in force will continue throughout Saturday (May 23) and will proceed from Tuesday (May 26) onwards.

The conditions specified in the previous announcements with regard to the implementation of curfew will remain unchanged, President’s Media added.