Warning Sri Lanka sports must buckle up or be left behind | Sunday Observer

Warning Sri Lanka sports must buckle up or be left behind

A leading sports fitness expert in the country has warned that unless Sri Lanka comes to grips and moves out of the cornonavirus mindset, the country’s sporting structure could crumble.

“We need to come out of this coronavirus situation as fast as we can if we are to regroup and become a competitive sporting nation,” said Asanga Wijeratne a Sports Fitness expert.

“Take a look at how European countries which have been the worst affected by the coronavirus. They already have put plans in place to come out of the situation and still be the frontline forces they are in the international sporting arena.”

Wijeratne warned that the skill levels of sportsmen and women could drop further without a proper exit strategy to face the future. “We know where South Asian countries stand when it comes to international sports and this is probably the biggest wake-up call for us to get things right,” said Wijeratne who graduated as a sports fitness expert in Europe.

“No matter what happens Europeans always maintain their rhythm in sports. For example we have seen that in the way they have their walking tracks while at the same time combatting the coronavirus,” he said.

He regretted at what he called the absence of an “emergency awareness” to deal with such situations in the country which must now be given top priority.

“This pandemic has taught Sri Lanka many lessons about its sports set-up which we have to correct and move forward,” said Wijeratne.