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E-learning math program gathers momentum

7 June, 2020

The Government made a decision to close all schools on March 12. A school re-open date is not fixed yet. Sri Lankan students had an opportunity to study at school more than 2 months this year.

In responding this abnormal situation, Next Learners (Pvt) Ltd. has elaborated Surala Home Learning campaign and has been delivering “Surala Ninja!” to Sri Lankan students since April 1. Around 500 students are studying with our e-learning math program at their homes.

To accelerate their learning as well as to increase their motivation, Next Learners (Pvt) Ltd. held organise the Digital Math Box Calculation Contest on May 24.

The winners of each category (*the category set up based on the grade) received an awesome prize and a certificate issued by Japanese e-learning company, Surala Net.

Surala Home Learning campaign is mainly available for the primary students who have a PC and an internet access at their homes since it covers the fundamental mathematics. Yet, the upper grade students (over Grade 6) can also join since it includes an advanced level. As soon as an application completed, Next Learners (Pvt) Ltd. will issue an ID and Password for each student and give guidance remotely. Each student can start an individual learning with “Surala Ninja!” at their homes. For information about Surala Home Learning:

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