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De Lanerolle Brothers take their singing to a new high

They say the ‘Sky is the limit’, and that is exactly what the De Lanerolle Brothers are planning to do with their singing next Sunday (28), of course weather and flights permitting! More of that later!

So what were the brothers up to during the lockdown and curfews? They were busy learning and exploiting technology in new and innovative ways to further music. They changed their ways of doing individual and group singing lessons. They found ways to use technology to make amazing improvements to enhance the quality of singing of the individual singers so that when they combined the voices into choir formation, the results were stupendous. The confidence building aspects that technology made possible, saw many singers blossom into confident and brilliant soloists as well.

In their efforts with technology, they turned to their long term friend Neranjan de Silva, who has worked with them from the time they started out in their singing career. In fact Rohan and Neranjan collaborated in music even before Ishan came into the scene! Neranjan is known for his crazy ideas and ‘nothing is impossible’ attitude, which opened the gates for the brothers to take on greater challenges. Neranjan is a Chartered Electronics Engineer and musician par excellence, well reputed as one of the finest organists and pianists in Sri Lanka.

In March this year, The Global Organ Group put out an international You’ll Never Walk Alone challenge, calling on organists all over the world to upload videos of their version of that beautiful song. The De Lanerolle Brothers teamed up with Neranjan to upload their own version of You’ll Never Walk Alone.  Videos flowed in from across the globe, and of course, Sri Lanka. The DLB/Neranjan video stood out in the crowd as being very different. The recordings were socially distanced and recorded on mobile phones. Rohan recorded outside his house, Ishan outside his house (joined by his faithful Labrador who did not want his master walking alone) and Neranjan in his garden. Nature was at its best all around.  Neranjan’s son Surekha and Lawrence Vincent then combined the three individual videos, adding their own creative touch, and hey presto, there was a masterpiece to be uploaded for the challenge. It was no surprise that the DLB/Neranjan video received the highest exposure with the whopping 153,000 views and 391 shares. The closest contender version stood at 21,000 views and 208 shares. The many versions uploaded for the challenge may be viewed by typing  #neverwalkalone2020 in the search bar on Facebook.

So, are the De Lanerolle Brothers all about singing, and Neranjan all about playing keyboards? Not at all!

Although society identifies them solely with music, the three of them have another professional life.

Essential service

The De Lanerolle Brothers own and run a highly successful business of packaging tea for the international market. With a production capacity of over 1.1 Million double chamber sachet tea bags per day, the brothers have their hands full, even during lockdowns and curfew, since their industry is considered an essential service. With the ever increasing demand and competition in their area of business, they recently went on to develop and design a device to make the existing tea bag machines staple-free.

This is where knowledge and long years of experience in the field come to play in the hands of their dad – Rohan de Lanerolle Snr. an acknowledged expert in tea packaging machines in Sri Lanka.

Neranjan, apart from performing live, owns his own private high tech recording studio, capable of competing with the best, as well as cutting edge sound equipment which is used exclusively for his performances.

Lockdown at home made people discover hidden talents within themselves. Rohan started cooking! Starting with ‘no comment’ from his polite family who were forced to be the guinea pigs, his cooking skills, combined with Ishan’s gardening skills are beginning to see fruition in a possible new chapter opening. Perhaps, there will be something to supplement your cup of tea in the near future? Only time will tell.

Back to where we started.....!  The singing to reach new heights? Weather and Flights permitting! Does that give you a clue? Well..... the Brothers like to keep you in suspense, so apart from  one more clue of a flash performance, their lips are sealed.

It is more than clear now that the Lanerolle Brothers performances resonate with authority and sheer top-drawer professionalism that give vitality to oft heard songs in the wide range of music.

So look out for details towards the end of the week to see what’s on the cards from the De Lanerolle Brothers and Neranjan de Silva. It is guaranteed to be spectacular.