Sports Shooting Federation declares they and members are law-abiding | Sunday Observer

Sports Shooting Federation declares they and members are law-abiding

The National Sports Shooting Federation (NSSF) has in a media statement said that all its 17 Affiliate bodies and their sports shooting members come under strict supervision and use authorized and licensed equipment which in no way is in conflict with the Firearms Act of the country.

Their statement follows media reports that a person who committed suicide this month at the Independence Square in Colombo had used a firearm that had been authorized by the NSSF.

“The 17 affiliates of the NSSF too have been maintaining absolute discipline within their associations and have contributed to the development of a large population of youth who are focused, intelligent, respectful, self-restrained and thoughtful about others and their surroundings.

“An ISSF (International Shooting Sport Federation) shooter can be easily recognized because they shine in society, through the qualities that have been inculcated into them. Parents of children who have taken to the sport of Shooting will bear witness to this.

“We, the NSSF, hereby wish to appeal to the administrators and the society, to support our efforts which will ultimately contribute to a disciplined, law abiding society through our carefully thought-out training programmes,” the NSSF said in its statement.