70-year-old Tusker ‘Millangoda Podi Raja’ dies | Sunday Observer

70-year-old Tusker ‘Millangoda Podi Raja’ dies

30 June, 2020

‘Millangoda Podi Raja’ also known as ‘Jayanthi’, the majestic tusker of the Sri Dalada Maligawa who carried the Sacred Tooth Relic of the Buddha in the Dalada procession at the Esala Perahera in Kandy for several years has passed away.

The tusker which was 70 years old was purchased by S.R.S. Millangoda, when it was 4 years of age, from a public auction at Dehiwala Zoological Garden.

The tusker was also named as ‘Jayanthi’, as its owner had made the purchase in the Sambuddha Jayanthi year of 1956.