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ADA salutes Covid-19 frontliners with Diriya campaign

Director, Reach, ADA Sri Lanka, Ruzni Izathmakes the presentation to Deputy Director, CEBH, Mulleriyawa, Dr. Muditha Perera. Looking on are Campaign Specialist, ADA Sri Lanka, Janith Gamage, Country HR Lead, ADA Sri Lanka Ms. Iresha Wijayasiri,  Co-Founder and Director, Dice Lanka, Fahmee Oowise and hospital staff.

At a time when healthcare workers are rightly being celebrated as national heroes, ADA Sri Lanka had a slightly different take on how Sri Lankans should honour the frontline warriors. The integrated digital marketing company – having raised a private donation of Rs. 5 lakhs via employee contributions – adopted an innovative approach to make the most impact by engaging Sri Lankan youth through their most consumed content medium - videos.

“As a team we were determined to support the healthcare workers in the fight against Covid-19 in our own capacity. We established an internal fund under Adaforgood that had very soon amassed LKR 0.5 million,” said Managing Director of ADA Sri Lanka, Rozy Laxana.

ADA selected the Colombo East Base Hospital (CEBH) Mulleriyawa for the donation.

ADA launched Diriya, a musical tribute to front-line heroes. The music video production was carried out in collaboration with Dice Lanka (Pvt) Ltd and Digital Content (Pvt) Ltd. ADA invited Sri Lankans to do their own rendition of the song and upload it on their channels tagging #ADAFORGOOD. In return, ADA pledged to donate Rs. 5,000 of its private fund under the participants name. In a matter of days, the song surpassed 100 cover renditions, equalling the Rs. 5 lakh pledge by the company.