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FinTech Hive introduces ‘Lifestyle App’

Shayanthan Kanaganayagham
Shayanthan Kanaganayagham

FinTech Hive, a homegrown start-up company founded through PickMe’s incubation program, introduced its tech-enabled, futuristic and secure financial assistance platform ‘Moneta’ to the Sri Lankan market recently.

Moneta is an on-demand, personal financial assistance ‘Lifestyle App’ which enables discerning users to make prudent financial decisions with regard to saving and spending.

Moneta is working with banks to provide fast, reliable and secure services to fulfill customers’ emergency financial requirements at any time. Customers can choose a flexible repayment method based on their preference and at their convenience. Those interested can access Moneta Service by downloading the Moneta App from Google Playstore.

“Moneta works with three pillars: Speed, Innovation, and Positive Social Impact. Our innovative solution allows customers to enjoy fast and personalized services. As a truly Sri Lankan brand, we strive to create a positive social impact on the lives of Sri Lankans. Moneta is a personal friend to young executives, enabling them to cherish life’s finer things,” said Founder and CEO of Moneta, Shayanthan Kanaganayagham.

Moneta provides young executives the opportunity to enjoy a comfortable, appealing social lifestyle with access to credit on-demand.

Customers can access Moneta Lifestyle as soon as they register with Moneta by providing their name and mobile number. Anyone can use the Moneta lifestyle services while Moneta Premium service is currently only available to salaried employees. “Moneta promises to be a fellow traveller in our customers’ journey, a constant companion to help them enjoy life beyond limits,” added Shayanthan.

At present, Moneta is prepared to assist employees who have had to endure financial distress due to unavoidable salary cuts in the face of Covid-19 restrictions on businesses. Moneta facilitates a special relief program called ‘Employee CARE Program’ available for three months for employees who were affected by temporary salary reductions. Such employees can apply for emergency financial assistance by providing details of their salary reduction after enabling Moneta Premium Service.