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Importance of water

5 July, 2020


Water is an essential factor for all living beings. Although 70 per cent of the world is covered with water, we can only use a small amount for our daily purposes. So, it is important to protect water without wasting.

We need water for many purposes, such as drinking, bathing, cooking, transportation, agriculture and hydro-power.

People pollute water in many ways. Disposing garbage into water, disposal of waste products from factories, bathing animals, throwing plastic and polythene are some of them. If water keeps getting polluted this way, it will destroy the aquatic life by decreasing the level of oxygen.

We should protect water from being polluted and purify the sea water for us to make use of in our daily purposes. Although people have used many methods to prevent water getting polluted, still the people are affecting it. Water is a gift from mother nature. It is a treasure for us, human beings. It is our duty to conserve water. If we don’t take steps to protect it, we will be the losers. So, let’s join hands to conserve water as it is our duty to do so.


Tashani Sandunika,

Grade 9,

Brilliant Stars International