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New Year festival

5 July, 2020

The New Year is a national festival. It is celebrated by Sinhala Buddhists and Tamil Hindus in April. We do lot of activities. We get ready to welcome the New Year. My mother makes delicious sweetmeats. We buy new clothes, clean the house and the garden. The trees are full of fruits and flowers. The environment is beautiful. It is a playful period.

The Bakmaha Ulela is an important event. There are traditional games such as pillow fighting and tug-o-war. Both young and old play games. We follow traditional customs. Kiribath (Milk rice) is the special main meal. We eat at the auspicious time. We visit our relatives and neighbours with a plate full of sweetmeats. We worship the elders by offering a sheaf of betel. The New Year brings unity and co-operation.


T.M. NiwarthanaTharushani,

Grade 9,

Oxford Academy, Alawwa.