Sri Lanka leads in Covid-19 recovery rate | Sunday Observer

Sri Lanka leads in Covid-19 recovery rate

Sri Lanka now leads in the Covid-19 recovery rate - 91.06 percent while Spain comes second with 90.46 percent. Only 174 (8.4 percent) Covid-19 patients are still hospitalised and receiving medical treatment, while 46 suspected patients in hospitals await further testing, Epidemiology Unit sources said.

According to the sources, the recovery rate of India is 60.67 percent and USA 42.74 percent. Russia recorded a recovery rate of 65.56 percent. The global recovery rate of Covid-19 is 56.57 percent.

The fatality rate of Covid-19 in Sri Lanka is 0.53 percent while it is 4.73 percent, the world over.

The fatality rate in India is 2.87 percent, USA 4.57 percent and Russia 1.48 percent.

Sri Lanka has performed 112,024 PCR tests from February 18. PCR tests are being performed to detect Covid-19 positive cases in society and vulnerable groups, in addition to quarantine centres and patients who have tested positive. Health authorities have called upon the public to strictly follow Government health guidelines - wearing masks while in public, keeping at least a one metre distance from another person and washing hands with soap and water for 30 seconds or using a standard hand sanitiser whenever water and soap are not available.