An intelligent political school of thought is the need of the hour - Shasheendra Rajapaksa | Sunday Observer
Parliamentary Election 2020

An intelligent political school of thought is the need of the hour - Shasheendra Rajapaksa

5 July, 2020

Shasheendra Rajapaksa is another brilliant and patriotic scion of the Rajapaksa family, who has rendered an immense service to the Uva province as Chief Minister. Equipped with a five-year master plan, he is contesting the General Election from the Moneragala district, with the intention of executing his plan to fulfill his obligations to the regional community and the country. Excerpts on the current political situation and envisaged development plan for the country are given below:

“I believe that people will produce a dramatic result at the next General Election. New groups will enter Parliament. People will definitely elect only those who can toe the line of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa. People will not vote for rabble rousers and poster campaigners. The party has prohibited poster campaigns. We will conduct door to door awareness campaigns. I believe the country is ready to select a competent team to work with the President to develop the country.”

Education first

“We cannot work outside the SLPP program. I should know my limits and work accordingly. The political blame game and dilly dallying must end. Otherwise, the country will always remain stagnant. Within nine years, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa completed tasks which would have taken 90 years. People have 100 percent faith in President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and approve his vision.

That is why the people are determined to send a competent team to Parliament this time. “

“While serving as the Chief Minister I gave top priority to education and secondly to agriculture. It is imperative to prioritise education, if we are to build a young team who could develop agriculture with advanced technology. I achieved that during my tenure. Education influences agriculture directly. Today, many Ministry Secretaries have come up representing our region.”

“It is beneficial to all if everyone works with understanding and according to a set plan. For instance, when we say cultivate pumpkins, everybody starts it and no one can get a reasonable price as there is an influx. That is why a set plan is needed.. The plans prepared by me as Chief Minister could now be activated. Every organisation must have a future plan.

Our children will march ahead of us, when we give due weightage to education. Parents make more requests for physical infrastructure and hardly ask for good teachers to educate their children better. We must deviate from the habit of giving goods in return for a vote. Before voting, the candidate’s past performance, conduct, educational background and decision making ability must be considered. Voting for those who just distribute certain goods during election must change.”

Far-reaching decisions

“Siyambalanduwa in my electorate is as large as Gampaha. When we have the opportunity we must work. We voted for President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to not become just another president. We expect him to deliver what others could not upto now. He is doing that. Our supporters and the Opposition have accepted this fact. UNPers and JVPers are rallying around us today than before. They have joined us in appreciation of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s actions and to champion his policies. People are intelligent and take decisions wisely. No allegations have been levelled against me. I have a sound,future action plan.

People have faith in me. Currently, a large volume of work is done. The Uva province had a hundred thousand tanks in the past with a paddy field adjoining each tank. If farmers get water on time, they will have a bigger harvest.

Machinery and equipment are needed to clean and reconstruct these tanks. We have prepared a master plan for water management. Building tanks is a future investment and would also stabilise our food security chain. I have finalised plans for future infrastructure development to facilitate industries.”

“We have requested the Ministry of Industry and Commerce to set up an A grade economic centre in Moneragala to facilitate catering of agro-based products to five star hotels, cruise and airlines. It will be highly beneficial to Moneragala farmers and will provide jobs for local youth. If we don’t give the best to our youth they will move to labour jobs in the metropolis.”

“I have made a request to the President for an Agriculture Faculty under the University of Uva. Work has already begun on it. There are plans to develop Agro Marketing and Agro-Tourism. All these can be achieved. Once tanks are rebuilt and planned cultivation is done, we would not only be supporting Moneragala but will also ensure higher economic gains to the country.”

“We plan to educate and train farmers on tissue culture based Agri industry. These long term plans were prepared by me way back. People have understood their value and are willing to contribute towards them. I am getting the fullest support from all quarters including the Government and the private sectors.

Five-year master plan

“I have finalised my development program for execution on a yearly basis, once I’m elected to Parliament. Plans are also finalised for specific development projectsfor water, electricity distribution, road networks and similar projects. My sole objective is the uplift of the living standards and economic empowerment of the people in Moneragala.

All plans have been drawn in consultation with relevant government officials.

With the blessings of Premier, Mahinda Rajapaksa, work has commenced to provide pure drinking water to the area.”

“This time, all indications are that the SLPP will win over 140 seats. Postponement of elections from April 25 to August 5 has been a blessing for the SLPP. The people’s loyalty to the President is increasing. This is very favourable to us. The President’s management of the Covid - 19 pandemic has won people’s hearts and they will definitely elect competent candidates to Parliament. This election will have astounding results.”

“We need to work with a feeling for the country. The President will not pardon anyone who fails to deliver the desired results. What the country needs today are genuine workers. It cannot march forward with dissension.

Therefore, the people’s primary duty is to vote wisely giving a two-thirds majority to enable the President to form a stable and powerful government.

Instead of popular politics, decisions made on political wisdom must take precedence. It is not a case of who becomes the next Prime Minister but who could understand the President’s policies broadly and muster team support for their successful implementation. The SLPP is a people’s party which safeguards the people. As an SLPP candidate from Moneragala, I conduct my election campaign in compliance with health guidelines and thus I am compelled to work past midnight.

It is crystal clear that people will give an unprecedented mandate to President Gotabaya Rajapakse at the election.”


“ The President is very punctual. Therefore, all of us will have to follow suit. If all MPs discharge their obligations as required, there won’t be issues.The President will not allow anyone to delay or postpone any tasks entrusted to them. He loves his country, religion and his people. He will always prioritise people’s wishes.”

“We will have to stop the blame game, talk less and walk the talk. We must slash all unnecessary expenditure and learn to live an exemplary life like the President.

Therefore, I earnestly request the public to elect a suitable team of efficient and competent people who could effectively contribute towards achieving the President’s efforts.”


The President is a strong believer in technology. I hold the same opinion that technology can be an enabler to serve the people in Moneragala and our country provided that the infrastructure and access to technology is conveniently available and affordable.. For example, technology can help integrate farmers in Moneragala into agriculture value chains to address many challenges they face.

Solutions such as e-agriculture platforms, using ICT tools, smart data and farm management systems – will connect various stakeholders and help farmers overcome burning challenges.

Another example is education leveraging technology where e-learning is more important in rural areas because they can gain knowledge as their urban peers in Sri Lanka and around the world. So, I intend to invite all technology players globally and locally to form a technology advisory committee guided by ICTA and universities to help achieve and accelerate the five year plan.