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The Ultimate Guide to Resort Casual Wear

With breezy beaches and tranquil spas, resorts are some of the best places to set your worries aside and relax.

Whether you’re excited to show off your resort-ready wardrobe or you consider packing a hassle, it can be a challenge to decide what clothes to bring. Certain resort hotels, cruise lines and golf courses may have specific guidelines on what guests can wear. Dress codes like ‘resort evening,’ ‘elegant casual,’ and ‘formal resort’ are often thrown around. Since there’s no universal standard, this makes picking the right outfits confusing. Questions travellers often ask are “Can I wear jeans?” “Is my dress too short?” and “Should I bring dress shoes?”

If you are finding yourself planning or getting ready for a resort vacation, don’t start panicking. Here are some of the best types of clothing that you can pack.

Don’t Miss to Throw in a Few Summer Prints.

Summer prints will never go out of style. Summer prints add a relaxed and playful touch to any wardrobe. Make sure that you add a variety of tropical-inspired designs. Prints that include fruit, soft floral, tie, dye and palm prints and patterns are ideal and considered stylish.

Maybe you want to stand out and go for a different look. Consider implementing flat and less saturated colours in order to create an old or vintage feel. Pair it with one of our beautiful pouches that doubles as a chic clutch to take to dinner or as a stylist solution to keep you organized.

Don’t forget that resort and cruise attire should be chic and flowing. Avoid anything tight and clingy, which can make you feel uncomfortable and unable to enjoy a warm and breezy atmosphere.

Go For Chic Trousers

A pair of nicely worn-in navy jeans will always be considered a classic wardrobe staple. However, you should consider opting for some chic trousers. Not only are these trousers considered trendy, but they look great in a resort environment.

Chic trousers are a good wardrobe investment, helping to spice up your sense of style and can be used in different settings. Some stylish alternatives that will also work include flared pants, linen pants, and khakis.

Matching Attires and Rompers Are Simply Cute

You can never go wrong with cute matching sets, jumpsuits, and rompers. They look effortless yet structured at the same time, creating a relaxed vibe that matches the resort atmosphere. They can be dressed up with a ring or accessory when you go out for dinner or a drink.

Go for Linen or Seersucker Pants

During hot weather months, seersucker pants allow you to stay cool and look fresh with a summery vibe. This versatile piece can be worn with a collared shirt or even with a blazer for a more casual dinner.

Consider Polo Shirts

During the day, avoid wearing your typical t-shirts, and instead opt for a polo shirt. The collar helps add style and their cotton fabric keeps you comfortable and dry. Try to avoid wearing bulky sweaters and jackets, since they are not ideal for this type of weather. From the office to the golf course to the cruise ship, a polo shirt is also one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can have. Pair a polo shirt with some linen pants or shorts with a nice summer pattern.

Your Shoes Matter

When you think of a vacation on a cruise or at a resort, you almost immediately think of fedoras and flip flops. If you are going to the swimming pool or walking in the sand, then it is ok to wear flip flops. However keep in mind that these places have casinos, bars and fancy restaurants. From this point of view, you should consider enhancing your resort-style. Loafers, boat shoes and driving mocs in tan and brown colours are excellent choices to bring in addition to your sandal