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‘An ethical financial service beyond the leasing mafia’

Sabry Ibrahim
Sabry Ibrahim

The Covid-19 pandemic has taken a heavy toll. It has led to the ruin of businesses and people’s livelihoods across the world. In Sri Lanka, it has also resulted in the criticism of certain financial services.

Among the credible institutions to respond to these allegations is People’s Leasing & Finance PLC. In this interview, Chief Executive Officer/General Manager Sabry Ibrahim outlines his views regarding these issues.

   Q. In the current scenario, many businesses are in severe decline. To rescue your customers from these difficulties, what does your company do?

We are taking steps to provide relief to our customers who are facing difficulties and ruin due to the crisis.

 Q.  The so-called ‘Leasing Mafia’ of certain finance companies has been the subject of much discussion lately. How do you respond to this issue?

People’s Leasing & Finance lays much emphasis on minimising the possibility of vehicles being acquired when customers experience difficulties in meeting their commitments regularly. Our skilled and experienced staff work with our customers to provide workable solutions.

 Q.  Does your institution have a plan to provide finance services in an innovative manner that suits people’s needs?

The Covid-19 pandemic made us realize that new business channels should be explored.

 Q.  An issue has arisen these days regarding the ‘safety’ of non-banking financial institutions. What is your message to customers regarding the ‘safety’ of People’s Leasing & Finance?

Our company is a subsidiary and enjoys the support of probably the largest state bank in this country – the People’s Bank. I can assure you that we are safe, reliable and secure.