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Iconic Galaxy: Construction gathers momentum

12 July, 2020
Construction work in progress
Construction work in progress

   Iconic Developments reported that construction of its self-contained luxury apartment complex Iconic Galaxy in Rajagiriya was gathering momentum with the relaxing of lockdown laws. 

Construction partner Maga Engineering resumed work in May with health and safety regulations in place as stipulated by health authorities. Kicking off with just 26 workers, Maga now has 328 workers on-site and hopes to be working with the full capacity of its workforce soon providing over 450 workers with employment.

“The economic impact of the global pandemic has been devastating as commerce came to a grinding halt and many lost their jobs. However, with countries now relaxing lockdown regulations, we have seen the flow of commerce resuming to what it once was. Even though global recovery may be slow, the resilience of the Colombo condominium market has allowed us to continue providing our workers with a steady source of income during these economically unstable times,” said Iconic Galaxy Managing Director Rohan Parikh.

Workers reporting back need to provide a report from the PHI of the area in addition to being subjected to a mandatory induction program to enter the site, with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) provided by the company.

Temperature checks and scans, routine hygiene checks, enhanced sanitary measures and the work being staggered are some of the steps taken for workers on-site, along with strict guidelines for usage of lifts, the cafeteria and other gathering areas.