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Re-opening Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Sri Lanka, re-opened the exhibition ‘one hundred thousand small tales’ to the public on July 9, and will extend the show for public viewing until August 15.

Each event will take about one hour in groups of 15. Additional tours will be provided by other staff if group numbers exceed 15.


WNPS monthly lecture

The Wildlife and Nature Protection Society (WNPS) will hold its monthly lecture online on July 16 at 6.00pm.

Wayamba University Senior Lecturer Dr Sevvandi Jayakody will deliver the lecture on “What is in place to further degrade mangroves?”








The legend of Soora Saradiel - Family adventure tour

Today (July 12), 7.30am to 4pm

Deekirikewagela Saradiyel better known as Uthuwan Kande Soora Saradiel was a Sinhalese native who lived in Mawanella. The locals were under heavy economic and political pressure from unfair taxes under British rule and were rebelling against as best as they could. From a small hill known as Uthuwan Kanda, Saradiel fought fiercely against British colonialism. To the Colonial British he was known as the Robin Hood of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) as he looted the wealth from British officers and their local counterparts who followed the road to the central city Kandy, by road in horse carts, coaches and bullock carts.

The experience includes a hike to the lookout point while narrating the story, exploring escape tunnels, tour of Saradiel’s Village and a visit to another bonus site.

This expedition is equipped with first aid kits and all gear required.