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English education in Sri Lanka

12 July, 2020

We learn English as a second language in Sri Lanka. English is an international language. We use English as an official language. We should learn English because Sri Lanka is a multi-racial country. English is spoken all over the world as it is an international language. It is a medium of instruction. Many educational books are written in English. Learning English is essential today.

English is taught in government schools in Sri Lanka. We have five periods for a week. Two text books are given free to us every year. We have a government examination at the end of Grade 11. It is called the G.C.E. (O/L) examination. The majority of children go for private classes to learn English. Some children neglect English. If you know English well it is very helpful in your higher education.

We borrow books from the library and read to improve our knowledge of English. We do question papers to get an ‘A’ for English. We get assistance from our English teacher to study. If we learn English well it will be a great benefit for our future.


J.W. Ravindu Harshana,

Grade 11,

Oxford Academy,