This is Nature – Let no one trample it! | Sunday Observer

This is Nature – Let no one trample it!

The plants, creepers and trees

Survive on this Planet Earth

With the energy from the sun above

And water from the soil below – at no cost

The butterflies, bees and birds

Survive on the nectar, fruits and seeds

Produced by plants, creepers and trees

Growing freely in the vast expanse of this planet – at no cost

They do not sow

They do not reap

They do not save

But they still live a full life

The majestic trees rooted firmly

In valleys, slopes and mountain tops,

Are not silent monuments

They maintain moisture coolness and serenity in the environment.

The rugged trees release Oxygen

To the atmosphere

For mankind to breathe

And to keep the Ozone layer above – intact

The trees bring rain

And fill the rivers and man-made reservoirs to the brim

To enable mankind to sow and harvest food

Of his own preference and suitability – at no cost

This is Nature

This is God’s plan and design

For mankind to survive

On this Planet Earth

Let no one trample it,

In the name of Science, Medicine, Research or Invention

Let no one abuse it,

In the guise of making the lives of mankind a bit easier

Mankind must live

In harmony with Nature

Abiding centuries upon centuries tested

Unwritten laws of Nature

Preserve and protect Nature

Mankind will survive

Abuse and destroy Nature

Mankind will perish


-  Srilal Jayasuriya