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Miracle - a scintillating fivesome

I’m just a gigolo
And everywhere I go
People know the part I’m playing
Pay for every dance
Selling each romance
Oh, what they sayin?......

Miracle led by the distinctive versatile and talented Kevin de Almeida are back at the LAB, Hilton Colombo performing on Thursday and Friday nights. We certainly missed their vibes and Geoffrey Fernando’s strong and punchy version of ‘Just A Gigolo’ the fascinating hit of Louis Prima. At one of the Observer’s Golden Clef Music Awards show night Geoffrey together with Sohan Weerasinghe brought the house down with their scintillating performance of this song. We caught their well knit performance last Friday and what a treat it was!

A strong combination of singing voices from the leader Kevin de Almeida - guitar, Melantha Perera - keyboards, Geoffrey Fernando - bass, Ray de Silva - keyboards spread a lot of warmth, excitement and interest to the appreciative audience present at the Lounge.The driving percussion of Shiraaz Nooramith - drums, pushing the other members to their best - be it a pop hit, soul ballad, swing delight, a Latin nugget or even a rock favourite. Miracle rose to the occasion with no hitches at all. As for their repertoire it was amazing - a wide mix that is unbelievable. Kudos to you Miracle!

During the first break we were fortunate to squeeze in a few moments with Kevin and quiz him with some questions.

Q. Being the leader of a band is not a cake walk, considering the fact that you have to plan out rehearsal dates, look for new performance dates, how do you handle these?

“Yes, it is tough. But on the other hand I have been heading a band for the past 20 years and I don’t find myself on the edge of a cliff. The co-operation from the members has been good and so part of the load is taken off my shoulders. I enjoy myself playing my guitar and singing to my audience. I like to see them happy with my performance and that of the band and their enjoyable reactions spur us to serve out more favourites in music. We rehearse once a week at my place.”

Q. Is this still the original members of Miracle or were there changes in personnel?

“We have one change and that is in the drumming section. Roshan de Silva was with us at the outset, but he left us and so, last year I invited Shiraaz Nooramith to join us and here we are a happy fivesome spreading the vibes and enjoying ourselves in the process.”

Q. So how did the name Miracle come about?

“That’s a long story. Too long to tell you about. But briefly the name came about by sheer accident. The group was scheduled to play for a wedding reception on the 4th of a designated month and I had written it down as 14th of that particular month. So when the 4th arrived I was at home relaxing when the call came in as to what time my band was going to make an appearance at the venue.

I realised I had made a mistake, swung into action - informed the other members to come over to the venue, contacted the sound guys to bring in the sound equipment and with my guitar made a mad rush to the venue. The DJ was in action, I quickly asked him to give me a line in and entertained the guests with my guitar and my voice and when the sound equipment came and the sound guys in double quick time fitted up the equipment, I said a silent prayer to God because it was a miracle how it all happened so swiftly, and decided to call the band Miracle.”

Q. Has the LAB been your first performance venue since you came together and what about dances and concerts have you had the opportunity of playing at these events?

“LAB has been a popular venue for us and we hope it will continue to be so for a long time. The band was scheduled to perform in Melbourne but the lockdown has put that on hold. We hope the opportunity will come round again.”

Q. You had a long stay with Purple Rain, led by Geoffrey Fernando in Switzerland. How did you enjoy Purple Rain and Switzerland?

“I enjoyed it. It was a good experience. The band was in top form and sharing the vocals with Geoffrey was stimulating. We sang the chart hits of that time and the audience was knowledgeable and very appreciative. I was with Purple Rain for 13 years and came back home. I was happy to be back - the best place to live in. And now with Geoffrey in Miracle and with Melantha and Ray on vocals who would ask for more.”

And as Kevin rightly said an evening with Miracle and the band’s four strong voices that of Kevin, Geoffrey, Melantha, Ray and the driving rhythms set by Shiraaz on drums, the result is a highly enjoyable musical evening at the LAB, Hilton Colombo on Thursday and Friday evenings. Miracle showcases true professional musicianship by a five-piece band second to none.