Tech savvy job losers to gain during crisis | Sunday Observer

Tech savvy job losers to gain during crisis

Lahiru Pathmalal
Lahiru Pathmalal

The loss of jobs during the pandemic can be converted into a golden opportunity by boosting entrepreneurship among those who are out of jobs, Co-Founder and CEO of, Lahiru Pathmalal told Sunday Observer Business.

The owner of the popular e-commerce platform said that being technology savvy will be an added advantage when doing business amidst the covid crisis."My advice, if you have lost your job and are redundant, is to use the time to look at entrepreneurship with special attention to technology. For instance, if you have some basic knowledge of coding, you are on a  good wicket," he said.

As major companies are showing a lacklustre attitude to  develop e-commerce platforms, Pathmalal believes that young entrants to the industry have a better chance to succeed.  “In the best case scenario people would buy things online while working from home. But to derive maximum benefits a strong emergence of e-commerce is necessary. But such an emergence is really challenging. Even big supermarket chains are pleased to see people walk into their outlets. At Takas we sell electronic products. Even though we wish to get into retail business, it is hard for us,” Pathmalal said adding, “There is a strong possibility of another lockdown soon after the election. Hence the market opportunity for e-commerce is high. Therefore, in the next 18 to 24 months if you are to sell something, e-commerce is a definite recipient.”Asked about assistance from the local banking system to online entrepreneurs during the pandemic, Pathmalal said, “The problem primarily is the fact that there is no cash flow in businesses.