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MiHCM unveils facial recognition

2 August, 2020

MiHCM, a technology company specialising in human resource (HR) platforms, unveiled a new facial recognition facility for MiHCM Mobile to help businesses create safe and secure work environments.

MiHCM is a complete mobile HCM app which offers a time attendance system with a host of time tracking features including facial recognition, geofencing, geo-tagging capabilities and comprehensive HR services all in one app.

The facial recognition facility allows businesses to track employee check-in and check-out through a contactless attendance system.

With the inclusion of facial recognition capability, the MiHCM time attendance module is now presenting an inclusive experience to companies with the biometric facility to check-in/out, geofencing, geo-tagging in addition to the essential attendance and leave functionality namely; leave, timesheet, time change, overtime requests submissions and all related approvals.

“We are continuously innovating and updating our products to deliver the best employee experience for all our customers,” said, Founder and CEO of MiHCM, Harsha Purasinghe.

“As businesses around the world implement safety practices to combat Covid-19, facial recognition technology will be imperative to ensure employee safety while accurately capturing workforce attendance. By eliminating the need to physically contact the attendance capturing devices, we hope that MiHCM Mobile App will help businesses immensely during this period,” he said.

MiHCM Mobile is designed to run with or without the MiHCM HR platform. Therefore, any business can make use of this mobile face recognition enabled check in/out capability integrating to their respective HR system.

The combination of both platforms consolidates employees into one centralised system, creating an automated attendance management process that is efficient and completely touchless.