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SME consulting practice launched

2 August, 2020

EFFEXPO is a Sri Lankan consulting practice that partners with SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) to provide a broad range of personalised accessible consultative support from product market and supply chain strategy to managing employee life-cycle.

SMEs make a significant contribution to the economy, but they deal with a variety of  issues on a daily basis. Everything from business expansion and new product innovation to competitive threats and shrinking margins. All of these issues can have a major impact on revenue, market share, profitability and the survival of the business itself. This is where a team of experts from EFFEXPO can make an impact by working alongside the senior leadership to improve the performance through manufacturing excellence.

“The company carries out a detailed business analysis, identifying the key drivers of the business and helps you make the right decisions to achieve your goals and objectives. When the pathway is determined, we will work closely with your team by creating a customer-focussed, people-first, performance-driven culture within your organisation.

“The company follows a define, measure, analyse, improve and control approach,” a spokesman for the company said.