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Of Hip Hop and House

2 August, 2020
Eewose Ultimate Dance School
Eewose Ultimate Dance School

In a spool back the popular dance moves then were the waltz, quickstep, fox trot, tango and jive. Today it is an entirely different scene. A cynic who has grown up enjoying today’s dances would no doubt look upon the dance music of the early years as stereotype manicured music! It is all a matter of opinion. But right now we’d like to turn the spotlight on Vishwa Shankanath Ranasinghe a popular Dancing Master and Choreographer of Hip Hop, Contemporary, Latin, Breaking, Popping, Locking, House, Bollywood and Kandyan.

Q: Where did it all begin for him you might wonder?

A. To Vishwa Shankanath Ranasinghe as he tells us, his breakthrough to become a professional artiste was through the Hiru Super Dancer Competition. It was a lucky breakthrough for him and he attributes his success to his gifted special talent from God.

Hailing from Pilimathalawa, Kithbathkumbura, Kandy, Vishwa is a Dancing Master, Choreographer, Actor, Model and Singer. His mother Kanchana like most mothers is a housewife while his father Luckwin Ranasinghe is the Gymnastic coach at Trinity College, Kandy. His sister Sankapali is an English teacher.

Vishwa Shankanath Ranasinghe

A student of Vision International School in Kandy he graduated in NCC. “I have an inborn talent for choreography which has been gifted to me by God and together with my self confidence I have been able to move fast into the spotlight and earn for myself the recognition of being a highly talented Dancing Master and Choreographer in Sri Lanka.

Q: You’ve had a long journey in the field of arts – especially in dancing and today you are the Dancing Master and Director of the Eewose Ultimate Dancing School. Can you elaborate on your success?

A. “Yes, it was a long and rewarding journey and I must say that my success to arrive at this position is purely because of my inborn talent – God’s gift to me, to succeed as a Dancer and Choreographer. Not only in these two areas, but also as an Actor, Model and Singer.

The turning point in my life came when I along with Dineth Akarsha grabbed the third place in the Hiru Super Dancer Finale.

With this success, the result was that I acquired tremendous confidence in myself and with my inborn talent there was no turning back. I was determined to move forward and make a success of my gifted talent.

Looking back I acquired an IDM All Island 1st in Dancing. I am an IDTA Amateur Award Latin Dancing Top Solo Dancer, and also acquired the Derana City of Dance certification in Hip Hop, B.boying, Redbull bc 1 all stars.

What’s more I was successful in being placed second in the Derana Star City and got the opportunity to participate in the Hiru Super Dancer Season 2 as a Choreographer last year, 2019, without an interview, because Gayan Srimal and Damith Fernando of the Hiru crew checked my videos on the internet and were very satisfied.”

Q: What can a student if he or she joins your school anticipate as to what forms of dancing they can learn. Is it strictly modern?

A. “My Eewose School is open to students of any age. I don’t hesitate to teach my students every dance style and its moves which will help them to have a bright future.

More than 100 students are learning to be a Super Dancer one day. I teach them Hip Hop, Contemporary, Latin, Breaking, Popping, Locking, House, Bollywood and Kandyan styles of dancing.”

Q: Your success in the field of dancing is well known, are there opportunities for lovers of dancing – young and adults, who live outside Colombo to learn the techniques of the dances you teach?

A. “Yes of course. I conduct classes in Kiribathgoda, Kandy and Boralesgamuwa which has given many of the young generation to learn the intricacies of the dances I teach.

It was six years ago that I started my career as a Dancing Master and Director and I’m happy to disclose that I guided Vishmi Pabasara to become the Popular Star in Derana Little Star, Season 8. She was the first youngest Hip Hop Dancer in Sri Lanka.

What’s more I have extended my professional talent for the benefit of music and dance lovers. I have a professional dancing team called Eewose Dancing Team who are capable of entertaining guests and handling events island-wide.”

Q: Earlier on in this interview you mentioned that not only are you a creative Dancing Master and Choreographer but also an Actor, Model and Singer. Could you expand on this?

A. “Where my acting is concerned my first teledrama was Awasan Inima which was telecast by Rupavahini and I have also been featured in many TV commercials.

I enjoyed tremendously when I was featured as a model in many videos of the popular singers Bathiya and Santhush.

At this point for the benefit of those who are figure conscious and fitness crazy I am the founder and creator of Kalimba Dance Fitness which will help you to reduce fat in the body and gain mental relaxation. Working out here has become a new experience for Sri Lankans.”

Today’s dance moves and ideas are from the States and Africa Lambata. When it all began to happen the music and the dance moves echoed at community parties. Soon people fell in love with this music, it became an obsession and a powerful experience for them.

This free style culture was far removed from ballroom dancing and is labelled as today’s commercial dance history. What’s more the dance moves are today established on films or television.

So if you are curious to know about it and learn how to execute the dance moves – you don’t have to go far – check out your Dance Master on YouTube.