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Making the best of the Covid–19 lockdown

2 August, 2020

As the country went into lockdown, children found themselves with an indefinite holiday. A few days later, many schools started online classes and sent study packs, but still the children were faced with an unusual situation. They had much free time with the added bonus of having parents and the whole family at home, but were restricted and could not hang out with friends or visit them and relatives. But children are resilient and resourceful, and they found their own creative solutions to the lockdown. We feature here how some of these children spent lockdown creatively and fruitfully.

How I spent the Lockdown

A long term school vacation with vivid experiences not known before started due to the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. All of a sudden, our education activities collapsed. The families were confined to their houses and were lonely. I wondered whether this was a punishment by Nature to mankind who relentlessly damage Nature for development and other activities not considering the importance of Nature.

Though this was a disastrous situation, it brought happiness as the members of families were relieved of their work such as employment and education and spent their time together as members of one unit, one family. We could adapt to this situation successfully. The family members often do their work themselves alone, but during this time, it changed.

For example, the mother who used to do the kitchen work herself was assisted by her sons and daughters. I too helped my mother in her homework. I am also happy because this leisure gave me ample opportunity to do my drawing and reading. I also could help my mother to dry clothes which she washed, especially by hanging them.

We watched the internet, obtained information and prepared various dishes and sweets which were featured in those programs with mother.

I also cleaned the house and surroundings with my father, mother and brother. I helped my parents in their home gardening. On TV programs, health authorities and security officials introduced measures to be taken to control the spread of Covid-19. We listened to those programs and learnt a great deal about the disease and preventive measures.

We could not celebrate the Sinhala/Hindu New Year this time as we used to do. We had to confine it to the house this time and celebrate it within the house performing various kinds of traditional activities. I remember how the festival was different from those that we had in the past. The Vesak festival was also celebrated similarly without going out to see Vesak decorations like pandols or participating in dansalas. However, we lighted Vesak lanterns at home. We observed sil (the eight precepts) at home.

I came to know from the media that the ozone layer has repaired itself during this period as people have reduced doing harmful things to Nature. They got to know that Covid-19 type disasters are likely to occur when Nature is damaged.

Our education which had setbacks, restarted online. I was very careful to follow instructions given by the health authorities during this period. Even when I went to the shops, we maintained the physical distance with other people and always kept clean. We need to face this disastrous situation with courage and hope. We thank health officials and security officials for their roles and sacrifices and wish that we never come across a difficult situation like this ever again.


Binadee Hesansa,

Grade 8,


Balika Vidyalaya,



How we made use of this time

Instead of sitting around worrying about Covid-19 or feeling lonely, I used my time to learn new skills, pamper myself and reconnect with what made you happy. Time is very precious and we shouldn’t waste it. We cannot get back the time we lost and it makes time more valuable than money.

Time is the only thing in the world that is limitless and it is in our hands to use it productively. In the bygone days we had been busy with too much of material things. But now we have plenty of time and do not know what to do.

Therefore, now we can make the best of this time. We can revise the lessons we have learnt so far and clear misunderstandings, helping our parents with their busy schedule, teach our young ones at home and engage ourselves in creative activities.

This is a great opportunity where everyone in the family can be together and we should spend this time with our loved ones safely at home to prevent the pandemic spreading.

We can consider our needs and those of people around us and try to have them fulfilled.

And last but not the least, we should make the best of this current situation and try to have a better time in the future.



Hana Siddeek,

Grade 8,

St. Mary’s Girls


Colombo 3.


Effects during lockdown

Education is one of the most important things in the world. During the quarantine period we organised a classroom at home and learnt many lessons using the Internet. The teachers of our school helped us to gather information through online apps and educational videos.

Health is another important factor that we should pay more attention to during this period. We should engage in more exercises to keep healthy. We prepared different kinds of healthy food at home to fortify our immune system.

Gardening is one of the most relaxing activities. My sister grew plants and took care of them. I like gardening very much.

We should get the maximum benefit of this quarantine period to find alternative methods and learn new ways to do things successfully.


Fazna Amathullah,

Grade 7 B,

St. Mary’s Girls ‘

School, Colombo 3.


What I did during quarantine

When Covid-19 struck Sri Lanka the Government decided to close schools and the whole island was in lockdown and under curfew. At the beginning I enjoyed the holiday by sleeping all the time. I watched TV and got lost in the story and forgot myself. When my parents realised that I was not doing anything worthwhile they made me study full time and gave me a good environment to study well.

I was always bored. School started conducting lessons on zoom and WhatsApp. My workload increased. I wish I had school so that I could enjoy my time with my friends. I am sad that I cannot do that now. Every time I took the books to study I fell sleep so, I helped my parents to sweep the house, fold clothes and clean the garden.

I read books and drew pictures in my drawing books. I tried to enjoy myself this time but I am still bored. I always wish that school should start soon.



Fathima Hikma


Grade 8,

St. Mary’s Girls


Colombo 3.


How we spent the Lockdown

It was a long vacation. We did not go anywhere outside our home during this vacation. During other vacations we went on trips and visited our grandparents in the village. There was curfew in the country for two and a half months during this vacation.

We did many things at home. I played with my sister. We planted. We made many kinds of food such as pizza and jam cookies. We tried to make kokis and kawum. My sister made many items of handwork such as candle lamps, pencil cases and flower vases and we made many animals such as rabbits, frogs, birds and many others by using coloured sheets.

We drew beautiful pictures. We did science experiments. Each evening we watched birds on our rooftop. We watched movies and kids’ club. We cooked together. We flew kites and parachutes made out of lunch sheets. My mother, my sister and I made beautiful, colourful lanterns for Vesak. We watched the news every evening.

We learnt about the world situation by watching news. We didn’t forget to work. I helped my sister with work. But I was so sad because during the last period we had to stay without my father. There was only my mother, sister and I. I missed my Thaththi. Because my father works in the Air Force, he didn’t come home. My father and grandparents did not come to celebrate the Sinhala and Hindu New Year and Vesak and we did not go to the temple because of Covid-19. I missed my friends, school, my favourite sport squash and many other things. But I gained much experience during this vacation.


Nadithi Senara


Grade 7,

Sirimavo Bandaranayake


Colombo 7.


I played with my Akki. We planted different plants.

We watched birds every evening. We drew beautiful pictures. We did a lot of handwork and we made lanterns for Vesak.

I was so sad because my father didn’t come home to celebrate Vesak and the Sinhala Avuruddha. We learnt many things during this vacation.


Ranuly Lohasna Seneviratne,

Grade 3,

Vishaka Vidyalaya,

Colombo 5.