Fuel prices will be slashed within 24-hours SJB Leader Sajith Premadasa | Sunday Observer

Fuel prices will be slashed within 24-hours SJB Leader Sajith Premadasa

2 August, 2020

 The Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) Leader Sajith Premadasa vows to strengthen the economy and provide loans at a concessionary interest rate of four percent.

“SJB will also provide a host of relief measures for the public after winning the upcoming general election. Fuel prices will be reduced within the first 24 hours of forming the government,” Premadasa added during a rally.

“As our campaign gathers momentum more people will side with the SJB,” he said during a media briefing expressing confidence that his party would triumph at the forthcoming elections.

Under a SJB government, he stressed during a rally, the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) will not be signed.

“As I am prepared to pledge through an affidavit that I would never sign the MCC agreement, the present government too must do the same”, he said.

He also promised Rs. 20,000 to urban and rural poor families each, to daily wage earners and the self-employed till they weather the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We will solve the housing issues of people living below the poverty line soon,” he added during another rally.

The SJB leader also announced a large-scale development program across the Trincomalee district where all 729 villages in the district will be developed. He went on to promise to develop the fisheries industry with the use of new technologies, and added that the project to make a cricket stadium in Homagama will be halted and the funds will be used on development projects in the country. Further, he vowed to take steps to stop the implementation of major projects which resulted in the misuse of huge amounts of public funds.

In a rally in Hatton, he recalled the legacy of his late father R. Premadasa who granted citizenship to estate workers.

“That endeavour will be complete when each and every estate family gets the ownership of a land and a house,” he said.

He promised to launch a Development Task Force to alleviate poverty among the plantation community.

In a rally held in Ratnapura he assured the gem businessmen of development. “Due to the recent Coronavirus epidemic the gem industry suffered a huge blow as many in the industry could not engage in the trade.

“Therefore, I assure you that under a Samagi Janabalawegaya government, I will ensure that a new mechanism will be initiated to uplift and restore the livelihood of those engaged in the gem industry,” he said. Meanwhile, in its manifesto the SJB pledged to give priority to Buddhism, while ensuring the protection of rights of other religious groups.