Media scion James Murdoch quits News Corp board | Sunday Observer

Media scion James Murdoch quits News Corp board

2 August, 2020

NEW YORK (AFP) Aug 1 -  Former  21st Century Fox chief executive James Murdoch, the son of media tycoon  Rupert Murdoch, has resigned from News Corp’s board citing clashes over  editorial content.

The 47-year-old once seen as his father’s successor has been openly  critical of some media coverage from publishing empire News Corp’s  outlets in recent months.

According to a letter written by James Murdoch and released Friday  by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), his resignation was  due to “disagreements over certain editorial content published by the  company’s news outlets and certain other strategic decisions”.

News Corp owns the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, The Times  and the Sun newspapers among others, but not Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News  network.

Itsmedia operations have been hit by an advertising slump aggravated by the coronavirus pandemic in Australia.

In May, News Corp announced that it would stop printing more than  100 Australian regional and local newspapers, shifting to digital-only  versions instead.

The group reported net profit of $23 million for the quarter from January to March, boosted by its HarperCollins book division.

James  Murdoch’s decision hastens his disengagement from the family media  empire, which grew from a newspaper group in Australia.