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NPP, the alternative - Wimal Ketipearachchi

2 August, 2020

National People’s Power (NPP) Colombo district candidate Wimal Ketipearachchi guarantees that the NPP is based on principles and will never become an opportunistic political movement. Ketipearachchi, a poet, novelist and journalist turned politician said the NPP is sharing mutual trust between its members which has made them ‘genuine people in bitter politics’.


Q. ‘Genuine people in bitter politics’ is the main slogan the NPP brings in at the election. How can people believe your slogan?

A. It suggests that we are in dire need of having genuine people in politics.

The country needs answers to political matters. We have been supporting fake personalities throughout history. Now, people have a chance to select genuine people.

Q. In a recently held rally, you said the NPP politicians will never be sold. How can you give such a guarantee?

A. We tell it based on the ‘mutual trust’ we share. There are many political movements which split based on principles and also due to betrayals. But NPP candidates represent a genuine political vision. We have seen that many political parties and their members withdraw from their declared purpose.

However, they still manage to receive nominations at elections. Nevertheless, the NPP or the JVP does not do that.

We do not give nominations to those who engage in crimes. That is the difference between the NPP and most other political movements. We work according to the mutual trust we share with all our members.

Q. Are you a member of Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP)?

A. I used to be some time ago. But now, I am a member of the NPP, not of the JVP.

Q. Isn’t the NPP the same as the JVP in a new format?

A. Every political movement must adapt to changes. But such adaptation should not be harmful to society.

We do not need to have obsolete political movements, but modern political movements. Members of the JVP and non-JVP members have worked hand in hand to form the NPP.

We have seen many fake readjustments of political movements. The NPP is not such an opportunistic political movement.

Q. How much bargaining power do non-JVPers have in the alliance?

A. We have an operation committee which takes decisions on behalf of the NPP. The Politiebureau of the JVP does not take decisions for the NPP.

Q.We saw how the previous Government was in a dilemma in taking Cabinet decisions as it was a Government of two parties, the UNP and the SLFP. In the NPP, there are people who were in various camps at different times. Isn’t it difficult to represent a unanimous opinion on public matters when you represent an alliance with diverse political ideologies?

A. I would not compare ourselves with the previous Government. The Maithripala-Wickremesinghe Government never had a debate on principle matters.

They had confusions over small matters. All of them were based on political power. It was a distorted hybrid system.

The NPP has a common ground on many political ideologies, such as social democracy, social justice and inclusive economic development. We have agreed to a Public-Private integration in development. I do not see a power struggle in the NPP.

Q. How do you campaign for the election?

A. I invite you to see social media posts updated by many people. They have posted many social media updates supporting us. We receive such support because the NPP is the alternative hope for the public.

Q. Some people think that the NPP or the JVP must be in Parliament to criticise the Government. But they do not tend to cast votes for the JVP. What is the strategy of the NPP to overcome this challenge?

A. We have followed a creative campaign to address the people. We addressed them in a language they would understand easily.

It is too early to predict the harvest of the campaign.

But the vote does not solely depend on the election campaign. Political activities in between elections matter to the final decision of voters. We are optimistic about the result at the election.