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Making the best of the Covid–19 lockdown

As the country went into lockdown, children found themselves with an indefinite holiday. A few days later, many schools started online classes and sent study packs, but still the children faced an unusual situation. They had much free time with the added bonus of having parents and the whole family at home, but were restricted and could not hang out with friends or visit them and relatives. But children are resilient and resourceful, and they found their own creative solutions to the lockdown. We feature here how some of these children spent lockdown creatively and fruitfully.

What lockdown meant for me

Quarantine is a period of strict isolation imposed to prevent the spread of diseases. It is a system of measures maintained by the Government to prevent the spread of diseases.

During this period people are not permitted to go out of their homes, so they engage in different types of activities to spend their time effectively.

The activities that are engaged in by people differ from one person to another. Some watch movies, learn new languages, read books, play games, cook and do many more activities.

I spent quarantine period by doing many different activities such as studying, helping to clean the house and helping my mother to cook. During this quarantine period I was bored without school, even though we got school work through WhatsApp. We followed all the safety rules and regulations imposed by the Government. The greatest advantage of this quarantine was the temporary halt of pollution and interference by humans to the natural growth of the earth which resulted in the healing of Mother Earth


Fathima Zahra Drahim,

Grade 7A,

St. Mary's Girls School,

Colombo 3.


Lockdown and I


Due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic situation the whole world is in lockdown in their spaces but still I made it a great opportunity to learn new things while I am safe at home with my family. We are united and help each other.

My parents inspire me to strengthen my studies and writing. I found valuable time to play and enjoy with my little brother. I spend most of my free time reading books and papers. I completed writing a historical story book for my school library. I am blessed to be a student of St. Mary's Girls School. Our class teacher kept us busy conducting online classes and giving home work. I handcrafted many ornaments with the help of my grandfather. My brother and I sowed tomato, chillie, lemon and brinjal seeds.

As we wake up in the morning we water the plants. I watched educational programs, cartoons and Disney films the most. Sometimes, in the nights, I chat with my friends over the phone. We as a family play board games and I teach my brother because he is preparing for his scholarship exam this year. I never felt bored because I worked hard on almost all days of lockdown


Fathima Nusra Nazhan,

Grade 7 A,

St. Mary's Girls School,

Colombo 3.


How can we overcome Covid-19

 The Government gave us a long period of lockdown to save our lives and keep ourselves out of danger from Covid-19.

Most of the time, even during holidays we will not get a situation where all the family members will be there at home at the same time. But this Covid-19 lockdown brought all our family members together. It gave us the chance to have meals together. It also helped us to speak and play with each other.

By listening to the news we realise that the country is not out of danger. To regain our normal lives, we should be patient with one another, follow the rules and regulations the Government has given us and assist one another as we did during the past few months.

We should keep ourselves clean and follow all health advice given by our forces. You can help your neighbours who are in need, but also remember to safeguard yourselves, by taking safety measures. Make your household activities interesting by getting together and making food, cleaning your garden, and creating a beautiful atmosphere.


Madiha Zainab,

Grade 6,

St. Mary's Girls School,

Colombo 3.


Thanks, Covid 19!

At first, the Coronavirus was just a microscopic but infective agent lying in the palm of a scientist’s hand. But due to the multiplication of these infective particles, the virus is bespattered all over Mother Earth, and it is gradually increasing its pace. Unbelievably, the virus has affected even the most peaceful countries and have paused them all. Most countries, which were before just an ivory blur are now the contrary.

Due to the unexpected pandemic, Sri Lanka and many other countries have been locked down, leaving residents with no other option but to stay glued to their houses. These safety measures which have been taken wisely by the Government are really helpful. It can become moderately boring although this is for the wellbeing of the people.

These days, which seem like millenniums, I am off schedule and I don’t have a fixed routine. Therefore, I do various activities as the days pass by. To be honest with you, most of the time I’m on my laptop, either chatting with my friends or participating in a school online lecture. I really enjoy and love these online sessions. This pandemic also gives my family time to be together with each other.

Every day, when the darkness of the night falls, we all go to bed and have fun, lots of fun, especially, with my five-year-old brother. He loves it! Usually, we are always busy. We are like robots! Both my parents are doctors, so they still have to attend to work, but not as much as usual. I am, maybe a little jaundiced and clearly mournful about that, as most other parents are always at home these days. I personally like being at home and not going to school although I feel struck with loneliness. Nonetheless, on the bright side of things, the standards and welfare measures due to the virus led me to take my hobbies to the next level.

I write short stories regularly for the Junior Observer as a hobby and I wrote many during the curfew as well. I also have Zoom meetings with my uncle in the USA and do many D.I.Y electronic projects. Last week, I made a remote control, off road, 4 wheel drive car! Now, we’re planning to make a go kart which you can actually drive! I’m really appreciative about this amazing proposal and I hope to carry on with these projects and make use of this knowledge and push it further.

I also undertook daily morning workouts with my parents. I feel that spiders are knotting webs in my tummy as soon as I start doing workouts, and trust me, that is not a good feeling; I abhor it! But I try my best to shake off the idleness and coax myself to participate in these home workouts as it is essential to maintain good health. Along with my friends, I read many books; mainly fiction.

In the general run of things, I have an afterschool class or implementation every day of the week! Because of this , I eat a lot of fast food. These days I don’t eat any fast food to maintain the structure of a balanced and organised health system, but eat many fruits. I had the chance to eat many other healthy foods. My parents are mostly at home and they have time to make new recipes. This virus also gave me the chance to learn about a variety of very useful virus-safety measures and standards.

This virus is treacherous and is threatening not only our beloved country but the world as well. Please keep personal cleanliness and stay safe.

Thank you Covid-19 for leaving time for me to rethink and enjoy my life.


Chaniru Senhas,

Grade 6 E,

Trinity College, Kandy.