Floods kill 30 in S.Korea, seven on Greek island | Sunday Observer

Floods kill 30 in S.Korea, seven on Greek island

A person standing on the roof of a car waits to be rescued in Hadong, South Korea.

SOUTH KOREA, GREECE: Landslides and flooding triggered by days of heavy rain in South Korea have left at least 30 people dead and 12 missing, officials said Sunday, warning of more downpours.

Torrential rain has wreaked havoc across the country since the beginning of the month, but nearly half of the deaths occurred in the past three days, according to the Ministry of the Interior and Safety.

Since Friday more than 3,700 people have been displaced from their homes after flooding in the country's hardest-hit southern region.

In all, nearly 6,000 people have been evacuated from their homes across the country this month, with about 4,600 of them staying at temporary shelters.

Meanwhile,a baby was among seven people who died as torrential rains and floods swept the Greek island of Evia, damaging dozens of houses and blocking roads, authorities said Sunday.


The eight-month-old baby was found dead in a house in the village of Politika on Sunday, said a spokesman for firefighters involved in rescue efforts.

The baby's parents were unharmed. Firefighters said seven people had died -- but gave no immediate details of who they were -- and that one person remained missing.