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Elephant House partners Voice Teens Sri Lanka

30 August, 2020

Elephant House  partnered the Voice Teens Sri Lanka, the newest reality show, which is also part of the ‘The Voice Teens’ global franchise. 

Head of Frozen Confectionery at Elephant House, Vice President JKH, Sathish Rathnayake said, “We have a strong and genuine relationship with our consumers.

Partnering the Voice Teens global franchise drives brand recognition on a worldwide scale and helps to create joyous and memorable moments for our consumers.

It is also in line with our efforts to introduce innovative opportunities for fans to engage and connect with the brand.”

Taking entertainment to the next level Fun Eke Next Level Eka, fans were provided a once in a lifetime experience to meet and greet contestants of the Voice Teens Sri Lanka. 

The event titled ‘Wonder Voice Teens Meet-up’ enabled the show’s admirers to not only meet the Voice Teens Sri Lanka stars but offered a enjoyable time including the audience participating in a sing-along with Voice Teens winner Hashen and stars Madhuvi, Adithya and Siyum.