Frostaire launches Cool Clinic | Sunday Observer

Frostaire launches Cool Clinic

30 August, 2020

Frostaire Industries (Pvt) Ltd., is celebrating 40 years of providing air conditioning and refrigeration solutions to homes and industries across the country.

In commemoration of this milestone, the company will launch Frostaire Cool Clinic, an additional service, offering free inspection and technical advice to customers on any of their appliances and systems.

“From its inception, Frostaire has been pioneering advanced comfort solutions to keep people relaxed in their homes, productive at work, and keep food cool and safe,” said Managing Director of Frostaire, Mukthar Marikkar. “We have always prioritised our clients in our ongoing commitment to pursuing innovative solutions, and we hope to continue on this upward trajectory always with our core values and tenets on board.”

From humble beginnings in 1980 as a refrigerator and airconditioning manufacturing and repair company, Frostaire picked up on global trends often being the first to introduce services, solutions, and brands to the local market.

Remembered for introducing retail ice to the country under the name ‘Frosty Ice’, Frostaire was also the first to locally manufacture cold rooms and freezer trucks.

From small-scale, single unit air-conditioners and refrigerators for the home, to commercial refrigerated warehousing, storage, and transport - for perishable food, beverages, and medicines - to facilitate for efficient cold chain management, Frostaire has earned for itself a reputation as an efficient and reliable distributor of quality comprehensive cooling solutions, a company spokesman said.