Pelwatte Dairy launches garlic butter | Sunday Observer

Pelwatte Dairy launches garlic butter

30 August, 2020

Pelwatte butter is considered natural due to many reasons; one of them being that the butter is made from the fat in fresh milk without preservatives. Fresh milk contains about 4-5% fat and the butter production increases the fat percentage to 82% to 84%.

To control the fat percentage  a standardisation process is used which is also another reason as to why Pelwatte Butter is considered all-natural, a spokesman for Pelwatte Dairy said. 

Another interesting product in the Pelwatte range is garlic butter, which is widely used to make garlic fried rice and bread. The company expects to launch peanut butter in the future.

“As Pelwatte is a home-grown dairy brand, we have always tried to take a natural approach in the production process. As a brand we proudly stand for our contribution to help the island nation to reach self-sufficiency in milk, we are now working in full swing to reach this target in the post Covid-19 landscape, where local producers are gaining momentum. Our brand is known for its unique and first of its kind products and flavours in the market.

As such they have been creating value for home and industrial use,” said Managing Director, Pelwatte Dairy, Akmal Wickramanayake.

“Pelwatte Dairy is committed to uplift the standards of not only the dairy industry but also industries that we can directly or indirectly support as well. The culinary industry is a huge market for Pelwatte.

As such, Pelwatte produces both salted and unsalted butter varieties, and is sold in home-size and bulk packs,” he said.