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Agony of a suffered soul

30 August, 2020

The end of terrorism in the North is a happy event for the people though sporadic violence committed by uneducated youth worries the people. The Police and the Army are gradually apprehending the Aavaa Group members wielding swords and knives.

Sellacutty Ganehan, a middle-aged man with sensitivity, is turning his experience into poems. He has compiled a 52-pages book of his poems titled Oru Pulliyil Oaadum Mudkal (Thorns running on one single point). The book has 30 poems and a few snippets.

Social atrocities, injustices, imbalance, social misfits, the paucity of confidence in people, nostalgic yearning, fake people, the search for the salvation of those deprived of their rights, the people who search for a philosophy of life are some of his themes.

Here is an attempt to render in English, one of his poems titled Athvaitham

“When it comes to competition, he stands aside; not because he fears.

If one that fears competes, it doesn’t mean that he becomes bold.

Thoughts are different; meanings too are different.

Action is different; Obstacles too are the same.

Complication can occur, because of action

And because of that, another action can occur.

The relationship between losing and gaining is only such.

Like darkness leaves when light comes, like when light leaves, darkness hovers

Knowing that everything is Maya, the mind will be happy

And that gladness will one day be Maya”

While most Lankan writers write realistic social fiction, most foreign writers lay importance to imagination. Creative writing means a combination of imagination and reality to convince discerning readers.

Some writings in the Indian subcontinent reveal astonishingly realistic stories.