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Fear and Tears

30 August, 2020

Fear and Tears is Dharanee Upeka Weerasekara’s debut English novel. It is the fourth book authored by her, and has a different story line.

Prabash is a talented, young law student. But the hardest pain in his life is the sudden murder of his father, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs. His tragic death occurred when Prabash was a small child. After years of silence, Prabash is determined to find the murderers of his father. Fear and Tears is woven around the unexpected experiences encountered by Prabash.

The author, Dharanee Upeka Weerasekara is a lawyer who graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Colombo. She joined the Sri Lanka Administrative Service in 2017 and currently serves as Assistant Commissioner of Elections (Legal) at the Election Commission.

Her first book, Bermudawen Wishwayata, an adventure fiction won third place at the National Youth Awards Festival, and the Wayamba Literary Award for the Best Children’s Fiction of the Year. Her second book, Mandaram andura medin is a collection of short stories. Her third book Mage pem Wehilihini is a collection of poetry published in 2015.