Trust but verify | Sunday Observer

Trust but verify

30 August, 2020

“Just know it
Just know it
You betrayed me”
I trusted you and
I told ‘I trust you’
And mean it
Its all finished now.
This day was spent with us,
You mingled with us,
Laugh, joy, fight, smile
You admired it all.
Then how could you do it?
I upgraded you among my friends
Just your mood changed
And you behaved cheap.
I don't trust easily
So when I tell you
‘I trust you’
You made me
Regret it.
This angry face interfered now
And it’s all because of you
You made me a hated person
Between your friends.
What's more painful
“When a person whom you trusted. Hurts you”
“The person whom you hurt, still trust you ...”
Don't be sorry
I trusted you
It is my mistake not yours.
Nobody denies the truth
‘Thanks’ for this offence
Don't even admire
I will smile for you.
You taught me a lesson
‘I will trust everybody
After verifying”.
I am good enough to
‘Forgive you’
Not stupid enough to
‘Trust you’ again.
Cannot trust anyone these days
‘Fake’ is becoming the new trend.
The one who sees
Sorrow behind your smile
Love behind your anger
Reason behind your silence.
I'm gonna make
The REST of my life...
The BEST of my life...
Verify before Trusting...

Vaithiyanathan Sambanthan Pradhurshika,
Grade 11 E,
Highlands College,Hatton.