Facelift for irrigation networks | Sunday Observer

Facelift for irrigation networks

30 August, 2020

Major and minor irrigation networks will be renovated to enable farmers cultivate paddy without any obstruction, Internal Security, Home Affairs and Disaster Management State Minister Chamal Rajapaksa said.

State Minister Rajapaksa told the media that Sri Lankans must be ashamed of having to import kurakkan which could be cultivated in the country. “We had kurakkan in abundance in Giruwapattu in the past. The Yahapalana regime did not concentrate on this because it did not consider farming as an important sector,” the minister said.

He said people live in peace and harmony because they did not have fear psychosis with President Gotabaya Rajapaksa assuming presidency.

Politicians rejected by the people at the General Election, will fuel flames of racism and try to regain power. The people will not tolerate such acts. The MPs in the Opposition were rejected by the people to govern the country. They will keep spreading baseless rumours to mislead the people, the Minister said.