Tennis, golf, squash guilty of holding back account statements | Sunday Observer

Tennis, golf, squash guilty of holding back account statements

30 August, 2020

As many as 14 national sports associations that include tennis, golf and squash have come under intense scrutiny for their failure to submit mandatory annual accounts statements almost six months passed the deadline.

Some of the associations are yet to even announce the date or conduct their annual general meeting despite given ample time.

“We have identified the officials responsible for these lapses which are of a serious nature and they face appropriate action,” said RB Wickremasinghe, the Sports Ministry’s Assistant Director of Sports.

Associations running Paralympics, cycling, baseball and wrestling have also been found guilty of failing to submit their annual accounts statements after an investigation was conducted under the direction of Amal Edirisooriya who is the Director General of Sports.

An official of one of the Associations said they needed more time due to the coronavirus and would be submitting their audited accounts statement.

But Wickremasinghe did not buy the argument saying that all sports associations were given enough and more time to fall in line with the requirements.

“Usually sports associations have to provide their annual accounts statements before the end of February and at that time we were not affected by the coronavirus. We cannot accept their excuses.

“We also gave them time until June 30 and yet they did not honour their obligations. We have to deal with them accordingly,” said Wickremasinghe.