An American bird sings to an Iranian | Sunday Observer

An American bird sings to an Iranian

30 August, 2020

Far corner of ma empty room

Lies a long and dusty manila envelope

Far invisible letters are well

crafted in ma heart

Binding each word to form an elegy

That , Coldly , alerts me you are no more

Indeed!!! On the spur of the moment

I lost in our fluorescent memories

The logic that gives me better vigor

The appealing lovers, She is gorgeous in her headscarf

He looked charming in his coat suit

The speechless utter pain pours out

Beyond the pale reflections on the battlefield

My Hero was strangled by

the hands of my Mother earth

Thus, My Mother earth was

strangled by my hero

I who Am poisoned with the

blood of both

With deafening silence,lying

in the cold room with the risk of my life...