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Minor tremor in Kandy area

No earthquake signs - GMSB

31 August, 2020

The minor earth tremor that was reported in parts of Kandy could not have occurred due to a natural cause, the Geological Surveys and Mines Bureau observed. The tremor occurred on Saturday (29) night around 8. 35 p.m.

GSMB Senior Director (Mines) engineer D.S. De Silva told the Daily News that a special meeting is to be held today (31) with the Disaster Management Centre on the incident and on further investigations into the matter.

De Silva said they need time to technically analyse the data collected by the preliminary investigation team on the matter.

There is no possibility that the tremor be caused by an earthquake, De Silva said.When asked as to what kind of human activity may trigger such an earth tremor, De Silva explained that, for example, such a tremor may occur due to a man-made blast or due to an internal rift in the sedimentary rock. “However, we need more time to evaluate the data to come to a conclusion.The GSMB will be sending another investigation team to the area today as well,”he said.

The Meteorology Department said none of its earthquake meters had recorded the tremor. However the tremor is said to have been recorded in a tremor scale located in Pallekelle.

According to the police sources, the tremor was felt mainly in areas which are in the same ground level of Victoria reservoir including Gurudeniya, Haragama, Anuragama and Mailapitiya. According to the police, the tremor was felt for several seconds.

A police team has been deployed to probe into the matter. No persons residing in the said areas have been injured and no property damages are reported, police sources also said.

Police further said that they have informed the Disaster Management Center, Peradeniya National Building Research Organization and the Geological Surveys and Mines Bureau. Accordingly the GSMB has also deployed a team to probe into the incident.

When contacted by Daily News, Kandy Division Superintendent of Police stated that the public need not panic as it is but a minor tremor.

The cause for the tremor is yet not known. Geological Survey and Mines Bureau sources stated that the tremor could not have been caused by a natural occurrence.

When contacted by the Daily News, the controlling office of the Victoria Reservoir said that a team of engineers shall probe, if necessity arises, to see if the tremor had any effect on the reservoir area and the dam. “It was only a minor tremor, we too felt it but very lightly.

None of the meters that detect and record earthquakes are showing any information.Our engineers will carry out an investigation into the matter.”

Disaster Management Center Deputy Director Pradeep Kodippili said no scales have recorded the said tremor.

According to several residents in the said areas, “It was as if something is happening below the ground level and when it happened there was kind of an echoing booming. Due to the vibration doors and windows shook. We thought it was either a blast or an earthquake. There are some cracks in the walls in some houses.”